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The offer
A great aspect of interviewing is to work toward a specific start date that you and the employer feel comfortable with. We will intermediate the entire process between interviews and try to ensure that you and the employer are a strong match for one another. Your sharing of the information you have gathered also plays a major role in the success of this process. In the end, the decision is always yours.
When you receive an offer from the employer, it is important to be decisive. Employers often chose to revoke an offer if it is not accepted within a short period of time. We will make sure that the offer falls within an acceptable range of what you need or expect, so when it comes, please be decisive. In many cases we will ask for your permission to accept an offer on your behalf (if it is advantageous on your behalf to do so). We first get permission from you to accept the position given certain criteria, than negotiate directly with the employer to try to achieve the best result for you. Most companies prefer to give the offer directly to you, but don’t be surprised if we facilitate directly in the process.
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