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introduction, intermediation & offer     
We then introduce the candidate to you and intermediate the entire placement process. Successful intermediation is one of the most substantial keys to our success. Most placements that do not last are simply the result of inhibited communications during the interviewing process resulting in unrealized expectations and disappointment. We do our best to ensure this will never be the case.

During the placement process, we are in continual contact with both the candidate and the employer. We act as a strong intermediary power that can objectively view the placement as it occurs. We bring up any areas that may be of possible concern and make sure all are dealt with before the candidate starts.

When our job is done correctly, the placement transition always runs smoothly, and both parties feel a strong sense of unity even before the start date. Success is best built this way.

In order to insure a successful acceptance of an offer, we often ask you to extend the formal offer to the candidate through us. By doing this we can use our expertise to present the offer in a manner that is most conducive to an acceptance.
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